3 technologies for the future of artistic creation

Do you sometimes wonder what technologies and digital devices you could add to your show? We give you the next best things.

Motion capture

Motion capture is the process of digitizing the movement of a dancer using cameras such as Kinects or combinations worn by the dancer. This technology, very popular in animation or video games, creates a digital avatar of the artist that can be used to mix dance and digital arts by integrating it into virtual worlds. But motion capture also allows you to add an ‘interactive’ part to your creation by triggering scenic elements on stage or in your installations with a given movement of a dancer (or a spectator!).

Virtual reality (VR)

This technology allows digital creators to immerse viewers in virtual scenes or dream worlds with headphones and a special helmet. Today, two types of helmets exist: inexpensive ones that simply have lenses for viewing content broadcast by the user’s smartphone (such as Google Cardboard) or active headsets (such as Vive or Oculus Rift), broadcasting content directly and incorporating more precise motion sensors than those used by smartphones.

Haptic technologies

If virtual reality today allows you to bring wonders to the eyes of your audience, you can extend the experience by giving them the impression of touching imaginary surfaces! Imagine simply touching a flat surface that transforms under your fingers into leather, hot sand, snow… all this, thanks to micro sensors housed in the surface and that will stimulate your fingers depending on the chosen texture! They will also tomorrow make you feel objects in virtual reality!

All these technologies are beginning to be more and more known and to come into the hands of choreographers and dancers. Future creations at the crossroads of dance, technological innovation and digital arts are all avenues of exploration for choreographers!

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