3 apps to edit videos on your phone

Did you ever have to work on your phone to do just a quick edit on videos? Here are 3 free tools to simplify the process!

apps to edit videos

1. Androvid (Android)

This Android app allows you to find all the basic functions of video editing directly on your tablet or smartphone. Cut, merge, add music or text to your videos in a very simple way! You can also convert all your videos into the format of your choice, and then share them by e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. The only small downside the ubiquitous pub on the application, free in its full version. And you can reverse your videos to put a video in ‘mirror’ and learn more easily a choreography!

2. iMovie (iOS)

This is the replica of the Mac application. If you are used to editing videos with the application on Mac, you will find a simplified interface with the main features: cutting, mergers, filters, and so. The interface with its timeline and live preview really makes easier the editing of different videos . The application is available and free in its full version on all media running on a version above iOS 10.

3. Power Director (Android)

The Android app is for a public a little more digital-savvy than the previous two, but its interface is easier to handle than it seems. The tutorials integrated directly into the app make it easier to learn and discover the many features (effects, multiple sound management, audio mixing , etc.). In its free version the logo of the publisher remains present on the videos.

And once you’ve edited your videos easily, you can share them to your artistic team via DanceNote, our specialized video tool for dance!

About DanceNote

DanceNote is a collaborative tool designed for dance professionals. Easy and intuitive, it works on all devices!

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