3 golden rules to shoot dance videos

If you are a choreographer or dancer, you are used to shooting dance videos, to rework and remember. But sometimes the result is not what you were expecting so here are some tips!

shoot dance videos

1. Composition

Absolute rule: if you film with your smartphone, you film horizontally, not vertically! Even for a solo ūüôā
Depending on the studio where you are, you will have more or less perspective, so you have to test different devices if you havethem. Often, smartphones allow you to have a wide enough angle of view … There are even small accessories¬†to enlarge the angle of view, which can be fixed directly on your smartphone. And if you have one, use a tripod!

2. Quality

Depending on how you’re going to be using the video, it is important to choose the right format: for example, it is not necessarily wise to film in 4K or Full HD, a video that will be obsolete at the next rehearsal!¬†Choose the right balance between your viewing comfort (no one likes to watch a video in bad quality) and practicality. To find out, go to the settings of your camera or smartphone to choose the correct recording format. And also, if you shoot with your smartphone, use the rear camera rather than the front camera (the one for selfies …): it is usually better!
More on that in another article: .mov .mp4 .wmv… When to use which extension?

3. Archive

Once your videos are done, treat them quickly, because they can quickly accumulate! Rename, add a date, and put them on your computer or external hard drive ! Alternatively, you can upload them directly to DanceNote, our specialized video tool for dance!

About DanceNote

DanceNote is a collaborative tool designed for dance professionals. Easy and intuitive, it works on all devices!

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