Tuto #1: Create your first project on DanceNote

If you’re new to DanceNote, here’s a tutorial to create your first project!

 1. Go to your dashboard

Once you have created your account on DanceNote, and you return to the platform, you will find your Dashboard. You will find all the projects that you created, as well as those that we shared with you. To create your project, click on the “New Project” button. A project is the equivalent of an entire room, which can then contain ‘Boards’.

2. General presentation, description and team

You will then go to a page to enter some presentation information about your project: name, image and description. You can then add files related to the project: music, artistic folder, photos, etc. Next step, the artistic team: these are all the people with whom you want to share the project, and who will see all the’Boards’ by default. To add them, type their name in the search bar and click ‘Search’. Once the right person is identified, click on the ‘+’ on the right side of the screen.

3. Create a ‘Board’

Once you have created your project, you can create ‘Boards’, which correspond to the different parts of your creation. To return to the project you just created, go back to the Dashboard and click on the ‘eye’ button of your project. You can then click on the ‘New Table’ button. Then fill in the name, picture and description of the table

4. Upload videos

You can then load your rehearsal videos, choosing start and end start timecodes, so that they can synchronize. Depending on the size and quality of your video, the platform will take between a few seconds and a few minutes to load.

5. Add annotations

Once the videos are loaded, add sound, image or text to your annotation, at the relevant moment of your video.

6. Finalize your table

In the same way as for the project, you can add associated files, as well as people from your artistic team.

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