Best TED conferences about dance

Do you watch TED conferences? Did you know that dancers are regularly invited? Here is a brief overview of conferences related to movement and the choreographic process.

Dance your PhD

Did you know that dance would allow you to understand PhD research?

A choreographer’s process in real time

If you are a choreographer, maybe people have you asked you “How do you create? What are your sources of inspiration?” In this video, Wayne McGregor explains his process of research and choreographic creation directly on stage. He details his concept of “physical thinking” by detailing three methods of creation to arrive at a few choreographic phrases with two performers.

Dance to change the world

If you are familiar with Indian culture, you probably know how much they like to create choreography involving dozens of people. But did you know that this art could also be a medium to convey public hygiene messages to the population? Or more widely to use it as a means of communication for ideas for the collective well-being? Mallika Sarabhai pleads for using dance and the arts to break down barriers and change things.

A human-robot dance duet

Can we really have a relationship with a robot? And a dance? Can it make an interesting artistic statement? Watch this.

Ballroom Dance that breaks gender roles

Jeff Fox and Trevor Coop offer revisited versions of ballroom dances that challenge gender stereotypes and leadership that permeate the tradition of these dance forms.

BONUS : The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

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