Dance teasers we love… and takeaways!

We LOOOOVE watching teasers and reels! So we wanted to present a selection of some videos that we like, along with some tips to reproduce them.

Tragédie, Olivier Dubois

Why we love it: electric guitar, movement, stromboscope … A teaser that does not go unnoticed! It fulfills its function well, giving a small glimpse of the show, with well chosen moments. And he establishes proximity with the performers.

What we learn: excellent quality images, filmed on stage, where we discern bodies, details. And also a very rhythmic editing, in connection with the music: you hold your breath until the end!

Home Alone, Bat Sheva

Why we love it: a very different universe, in an abandoned warehouse, visual effects, made possible by the camera, different and original angles of view, which make bodies appear in a transformed way .

What we learn: speed that comes from the choreography and mostly from the fast editing and very ‘cut’. We notice the choice of the shooting place, which adds to the mystique of the show. You can also observe also the different point of vues: pillars, floor, ceiling are an integral part of the video and instead of masking the movement, it offers a totally different perspective.

Mass B, Béatrice Massin

Why we love it: a blend of baroque dance and urban landscape. Filming outside, in a well-known Parisian site.

What we learned: No additional effects, which gives a large place to the movement of dancers, and their group spirit.

P=mg, Jann Gallois

Why we love it: sobriety. A scene, a solo. A show that asserts itself as it is.

What we learn: in this case, a shoot on stage, or at least in a very neutral room can bring out the dance and allows the eyes not to be disturbed by micro-details..

Pina, Wim Wenders (documentary)

Why we love it: We can see it several times, each time the same thrills … This trailer is a small exception in our list because it is a documentary, not a show but it is dance that we see all along. Some excerpts of pieces by Pina Bausch, and again this dance in the urban landscape.

What we learn: the use of text, in perfect harmony with images and dance.


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