3 documentaries to watch on Netflix right now

 New releases or programs still available on Netflix, we have selected for you our three favorite documentaries on dance this spring. To watch without moderation !

Restless Creature : Wendy Whelan

This powerful documentary portrays an intimate portrait of Wendy Whelan, principal dancer of the New York City Ballet. At 47, and after 30 years in the company, she prepares her departure because of a hip injury. Through these images we discover a woman of incredible strength, perseverance but also a person humble and full of humor. The celebration of this extraordinary performer gives us an insightful perspective on the world of dance, the health of the dancer and his reconversion.
And if you’ve always wanted to see Wendy Whelan’s hip inside … now is the time! We follow it from A to Z in the operating room, so watch out for sensitive souls …

We speak Dance

Vandana Hart, trained at Alvin Ailey’s school and former UN Women’s Rights Adviser, takes us on a journey of dance in this documentary series. We walk around the world at her side, we discover local and traditional dances but also the political, social and religious power of this art movement. It’s proven, dance brings people, places and cultures together! So take a one-way ticket on Netflix Airlines and enjoy stopovers danced in Nigeria, Vietnam, Lebanon, Bali, etc. and Paris! And if you want more, good news: a season 2 has already been announced!

Alive and Kicking

Have you ever seen these dance videos with wild rhythms and retro? You know, those with the dancers performing impressive acrobatic tricks (and their monthly cardio at the same time)! Well, if so, you must have seen Lindy Hop. In this documentary you will learn the genesis of this dance style and the current organization of this large worldwide community of very particular dancers! You are warned right away it’s a dangerous sport: those who started had to stop their antidepressants because of “too much swing”. Promised, you will wiggle in front of your screen, it’s impossible to resist! We tried…

Photo: Jessica Keener


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