Tuto #2: Everything you can do with DanceNote!

Do you know all the things you can do with DanceNote? Here is an overview!

We wanted to show you what a project looks like when it was completely finished with all the annotations, and show you all you could do with DanceNote.

Here, our artistic director Christine Bastin uploaded her project “La Danse des Femmes”, (yes it is french…).

1. Synchronized videos

So the first thing of course is the different videos, so here Christine chose to load four videos and she chose different angles of view. First version is one looking at it as a spectator, then another one from the back, and finally one from the side. You can observe that if we play the video, and change the point of view, the choreography will continue.

Each video can be slowed down the video, or even speed up if needed.

2. Annotations

Then, you can see the annotations: text, sound bite or image. They accompany the video. Here for example a text annotation.

3. Associated Files

On the side of the screen, you can see the associated files, that anybody in the project can download if needed: here you can add artistic files, lights plan, music, etc.

4. Artistic team

And at the bottom, the artistic team associated to the project: all the people that have access to the project!

That’s it for this guided tour now it’s your turn!

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