Choreographers, here are 4 reasons to work with DanceNote

You might have heard about the tool DanceNote, but as a choreographer you do not really understand how this platform will benefit you? Lucie is giving you 4 quick answers to help you grasp the tool.

Photo by Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash

 1. Stop losing time looking for videos of previous rehearsals and sending the music a billion times to your dancers

Did you notice how much time you spend looking for videos from previous rehearsals? Wether it is because you have them on different devices or because you do not remember the specific day you recorded the video you are looking for, you are spending a lot of time downloading, sorting, sending, watching (wrong) videos.

DanceNote enables you to create an organized online space for your creation where you can put all your videos and attach to each of them a specific music, your sources of inspiration (pdf., jpg., etc.), or any documents (even your budget). This online space is private and can be visualized by the persons you choose: your dancers, your production team, your technical manager, etc.

2. Stop asking your roommate to send you a video you leave on your computer in order to apply to a call for projects

It is always when you finally decide to take off for some well deserved days off that you happen to be called for a future contract or that you spot the perfect call for projects for your creation… and the deadline is tonight. I personally remember talking my mother through all the layers of my computer to find a video I desperately needed one summer.

DanceNote is available from any device. You just need to remember your account password and you will find all your videos, musics,… and the budget of your project since you uploaded it before. Tip: the videos can be downloaded on a computer using the right click menu, choosing “save the video”.

3. Gain in precision when giving some feedbacks

When working with videos you will find yourself in the position of giving feedbacks to your dancers based on the video your recorded from a previous time in a studio. Are you tired to begin every sentence in your email (Facebook message, WhatsApp message, [insert here the name of the tool you are using to make feedbacks] message) with the time code of the moment you are referring to? We certainly were tired of it…

DanceNote enables you to write, record, or draw your feedbacks on the video, choosing the exact moment of the video you want them to appear.

4. Gain time when beginning a new residency

You are going back in studio with your 6 dancers after a 2 months of not-working-on-the-project period. We all know that the body has the memory of movement. But we also know that little imprecisions can be become massively time consuming. And little imprecisions can be numerous on a unique, front side recorded video of your creation.

DanceNote is offering you the opportunity to enhance the memory of your work thanks to its “smart” video player. When filming your choreography during the last moments of your residency, use 2 (or 3 or 4) Smartphones to capture your choreography from different points of view. Let’s say for instance that you recorded a front side view and a back side view. Then, you download them on DanceNote and the player will display them in the same window. Your dancers just have to click on the name of the view they want to see to rediscover all the details of the choreography before arriving in the next residency period.

About DanceNote

DanceNote is a collaborative tool designed for dance professionals. Easy and intuitive, it works on all devices!

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