4 dance movies to watch again during Summer vacations!

Melting in the sun and looking for something to watch in the warm nights of July? You probably came across the right article! Here is a selection of dance movies you have probably already seen, but that are impossible to get tired of. And if these titles don’t ring a bell, it’s time for an update!

Dirty Dancing

You might already know this movie by heart and say to yourself ‘oh so kitsch and outdated’, but be frank, this is the reason why we can’t get bored of this romance. The story of Baby, this uptight young lady falling in love with her dance teacher, Johnny. But apart from this love story, it’s a movie which deals with timeless problems such as unplanned pregnancy, the first sexual intercourse, and difference of social backgrounds. And foremost, let you submerge with the candid Baby by the underground evenings of dirty dancing in the middle of her fancy world, get thrilled with her at her first dance lessons and watch over and over the final dance scene that delights us!

Billy Elliot

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it means that you’ve missed one of the great classic in the history of dance movies! Billy, a young boy living in a mining town in County Durham, loves to dance and dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer. But his father wants him to do boxing and Billy struggles to attend his dance class in the hectic context of the peak strikes that shock his town and his family. You will laugh, cry and shiver with this young and touching Billy who dances like electricity was going through his body, and you will wiggle in the rhythm of the amazing soundtrack that brings the whole story out!

Black Swan

Sensitive soul: a quick warning for you. If Black Swan is the story of a ballet dancer who is chosen to dance both the White and Black Swan in the ballet Swan Lake, the film remains a psychological thriller. It depicts a dance world very dark, full of envy, manipulation, treason and rivalry, through the character of the sensitive but also neurotic Nina. We follow her path, from the rehearsals to the stage, going through her fears and desires, struggling with the interpretation of the Black Swan, that might be driving her mad… Forget the glitters and the fairy tale, the film leaves us out of breath and wrecked, as the demanding world of dance tears Nina apart.

Polina, Danser sa vie

Looking for a character less tortured than Nina? Here you come. Drew from the novel of the same title, this movie brings us in Russia where the young Polina makes her first step in a ballet school, where she shows great talent. After years of hard work, the Bolshoï company opens her its doors. But the path of Polina will drift away from the traditional academy to contemporary dance. Her experience is full of research, questioning, hesitance and leads to a real reflection on the definition of the artist. The choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and the director Valérie Müller managed to perfectly adapt the novel into a beautiful film with great dance footages, and a realistic story that will nevertheless get you taken away.

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