5 Dance photographers you will love on Instagram

Tired of exploring Instagram, looking for dance pictures that will leave you agape, without knowing where to look at? Here are five names that will make your Instagram scroll much nicer.

Urban and playful: Jordan Matter @jordanmatter

No matter how many dance pictures we have seen from Jordan Matter, we can’t get tired of them. This photographer from New York offers us incredible shots taken in the middle of the street, on the beach, in a supermarket, in a trainstation, on a sidewalk, in a museum… He gives those places an other dimension, whereas he moves dance out of the boundaries of indoor studios. His clichés are full of joy and energy, with sometimes children doing a grand jeté on their way to school, or a couple making an incredible lift in the hall of the Caesar Palace. Let you caught by the joy these amazing pictures will communicate you.

Monday morning. @theballerina #borntodance #nikonphotographer #nikonusa

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Street photography and urban culture: Thinh Souvannarath @littleshao

Professional photographer based in Paris, you will find on his page pictures of major influencers of the international urban culture. Dancer himself, dance moves have no secrets for him and he’s able to wait for the perfect moment to trigger his camera. His clichés tell us stories, enter the universe of his models, sublimate the moving bodies. You will go through amazing shots with a perfect composition: talented dancers of the urban culture, various landscapes, impressive tricks, strong emotions. Whether you’re a fan of urban style or not, let you walk through his universe, it’s worth it.

In flight and aerodynamic: Lois Greenfield @loisgreenfield

It’s been 40 years that the renown of the american photographer Lois Greenfield has started to grow. She is specialized in photographing the body in motion, and especially in flight. You will find in her pictures bodies that don’t seem to feel gravity, and also amazing games with tissues and mirrors that provide stunning visual effects. Her pictures are all taken in studios, and yet you won’t get tired of them : she shows endless creativity and originality, and every new clichés will give you different sensations, will offer you new lines, curves, contours and depths. Have a leap into her universe.

Rehearsal, on stage, outdoor…: Camilla Greenwell @camillagreenwellphotography

Less in the limelight than the previous photographers, Camilla Greenwell is nevertheless very talented. She might not take the most spectacular pictures, with amazing jumps and tricks, but she manages to catch very subtle moments, in which emotions, sensations and intentions are reflected. It goes from a smile in a rehearsal, a simple glance, a breath, an energy, or a hug. She has very varied clichés also thanks to the places she choose, offering us a panel of atmospheres. From the hectic energy on stage, to the reflexion in rehearsals, she shows dance in its essence, before looking for the esthetic of the picture.

Powder, power and energy: Alexander Yakovlev @ayakovlevcom

Located in Moscow, Alexander is a photographer specialized in photography of sportspeople, and especially dancers. In a serie of pictures, ‘Mirage’, he gave a surrealist dimension to the bodies by using flour. The powder emphasizes the movements and sublimates the forms, making the clichés unique, full of energy, power, but also a part of immateriality, amplified by the choice of monochrome pictures. Apart from this special serie ‘Mirage’, he realized wonderful shootings of ballerina, in studio, or in dance classroom, and he shows great talent in putting forward the technique, the perfect curves by playing with shadows.

@keykolee Keyko Lee

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