How to use DanceNote for an audition ?

The tool that would make easier the preparation of your auditions.

Have you ever been in this situation to have to process more than 50 applications? 25 resumes sent on your professional mail address, 25 on your personal one,  video links somewhere, Wetransfer files elsewhere. Real headaches for your production team. Here is how DanceNote might help you to deal with the issue.


Here we are!

You’re looking for the next member of your cast and want to launch a call for application? Do not forget to be precise in the components of the application you are asking (video of the last performances, CV, pictures…)!  It will avoid you to have to specify it to each candidate.

As we mentioned in the introduction, we are going to tell you how to use DanceNote to gather all the applications within a unique online workspace. DanceNote is a video tool that has been crafted especially for dance. It will be useful to gather different format of files into the same online space, making it easier for you to review applications. We are going to explain you how!

Create accounts

DanceNote is an online platform you can access only with a nominative and secured account associated with an email address. We advise you to create an account dedicated to the audition you are preparing. You can use a generic contact address or any address of your choice to do so.

Receive applications

After having created his/her account, each candidate will be able to prepare his/her application in “draft mode” on DanceNote. As soon as one publishes its application, you will receive an email informing you that  a project has been shared with your account. NB : in order to receive the notification by email, do not forget to activate the option in your profile settings. Note this application will only be available for you and its applicant. As all the applicants will reproduce the same steps, all the applications will be shared with the account you created for the audition. Hence you will find all the applications gathered on your DanceNote dashboard in the “Projects shared with me” section.

Something you should know about the platform is it structured in file and subfiles, which we call: project and boards. A project can contain several boards. A board contain several videos or files. Hence you can use this structure to to choose the framework you want your applicants to follow on DanceNote !

Here is a small example of a framework we often use :

Project Title : Name & Surname

Thumbnail : Portrait of the candidate

Associated files : CV, application letter, pictures

Artistic Team :

Board : create a board per video of a previous performance

Share more steps

Another way of using DanceNote for auditions is to send videos to your candidates in order for them to learn some steps or a sequence, without having you to publish a video of your next creation publicly on the web. You just have to share with  your candidates the DanceNote project showing the videos and the documents you want them to watch. The project will be shown on their own DanceNote dashboard under the “Projects shared with me”. You can revoke their access to this project whenever you want.

Little caution here: all documents can be downloaded on DanceNote even the videos using the right clic on your mouse. You should be careful when sharing confidential elements by maybe asking them to sign a confidentiality agreement.

You can now manage all the applications at a glance and save time to be sure to choose the right dancer ! You are now ready to receive in a studio the most adapted dancers for you project.

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