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  • technology and movement transmission

    Interview of Christine Bastin: Technolgy and movement transmission

    Here is an interview of Christine Bastin, choreographer and artistic director of La Fabrique de la Danse (which developed DanceNote). Christine Bastin talks about movement transmission and the online tool DanceNote which was created to support [...]

  • Urban film festival

    Urban Films Festival: Once upon a street

    The 13th edition of the Urban Films Festival will start on the 9th of October until the 14th, at Forum des Halles (Paris, France). More than ever, street is in the place, with lots [...]

  • 360° experience

    Why use 360° video in the creative process

    With 360° video, it’s as if you were there! In fields like the arts, media, sports, video games... it turns everyone’s head. And you can say that again! Better than reality? Screencap from [...]

  • Audition

    How to use DanceNote for an audition ?

    The tool that would make easier the preparation of your auditions. Have you ever been in this situation to have to process more than 50 applications? 25 resumes sent on your professional mail address, [...]

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About DanceNote

About DanceNote

DanceNote is a collaborative tool designed for dance professionals. Easy and intuitive, it works on all devices!

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