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  • Interview of Sarah Alaoui: When art meets sciences

    When art meets sciences, dance and technology are one. Body, Space, Effort and Shape are 4 main categories in dance. Dancers always search to improve those categories in their choreography. What if Technology was [...]

  • Dancing like a pro… without the training!

    Tomorrow you might be able edit video content with such accuracy that you could be dancing just as you’ve always dreamed of without even practicing! Sounds a bit weird don’t you think? A team [...]

  • photographers

    5 Dance photographers you will love on Instagram

    Tired of exploring Instagram, looking for dance pictures that will leave you agape, without knowing where to look at? Here are five names that will make your Instagram scroll much nicer. Urban and [...]

  • 4 dance movies to watch again during Summer vacations!

    Melting in the sun and looking for something to watch in the warm nights of July? You probably came across the right article! Here is a selection of dance movies you have probably already [...]

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