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  • 4 dance movies to watch again during Summer vacations!

    Melting in the sun and looking for something to watch in the warm nights of July? You probably came across the right article! Here is a selection of dance movies you have probably already [...]

  • Performing Arts in the Digital Age

    In Robot, L’amour éternel (Robot, endless love), that took place last April in the CENTQUATRE-Paris, major place of the contemporary creation, the choreographer Kaori Ito questions the ambiguous relationship between humans and technologies. The [...]

  • Choreographers, here are 4 reasons to work with DanceNote

    You might have heard about the tool DanceNote, but as a choreographer you do not really understand how this platform will benefit you? Lucie is giving you 4 quick answers to help you grasp [...]

  • filming dance with a drone

    Filming dance with a drone

    In terms of high-quality video, the drone makes a step onto the podium. Forget the crane or the helicopter… Trade your arsenal made in Hollywood against a 500€ drone! Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash [...]

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About DanceNote

About DanceNote

DanceNote is a collaborative tool designed for dance professionals. Easy and intuitive, it works on all devices!

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