When dance and technology meet : top 3 videos

In this article, we spotlight 3 times during which dance and technology meet. Do you know when was the first time technology was used in dance? And do you know what kind of technology is used now?

Dance and technology are both trendy areas. Dance is present in lots of films, with hip-hop, break dance or classic. Technology is present in all sectors : transport, administration, sports… as dance! More than ever, it is possible to combine dance and technology. If you are student and you want to work in dance area, you can study the TMD degree, in high school. TMD for ‘Technique de la musique et de la danse’ which is ‘Music and dance technique’. This degree is a good way for students to go to college and improve their skills in music or dance. College allows to students to specialize in art, technology and digital technology. At this moment, technology can meet dance and that’s why, today, several choreographers use those skills in their creation and choreography.

Well… Let’s start our top 3!

 1. Patrice M. Regnier: the inventor

Patrice M. Regnier is a choreographer, writer, inventor and director, interested in body movement and new technologies. The choreographer created the first ballet that integrated 3-D human movement computer animation. In addition, she founded entities as ARTeam, an association of art and technology experts, and invented the TERP System. TERP System is a patented technology system of hardware and software for choreographing, directing and driving human movement without rehearsal. That’s for the main link between her and technology, that this video of Patrice M.Regnier’creation is in first.

Dance and technology creations reel. Choreographer : Patrice M. Regnier

2. Technology and dance, the pieces of puzzle

Creative Lab is a 6 days intensive program, while designers, choreographers and creative technologists work together. They were asking ‘How physical computing, mixed and virtual reality and e-textiles can inform practice when combined with dance and choreography’. This program allowed people from different disciplines to work together and build bridges between each discipline. Participants learnt new knowledge as coding, body scanning, choreographic creation. Those different profiles made something unique together integrating each other their piece of puzzle. We have chosen this video because this is the proof that dance, design and technology can work together to create something huge.

Creative Lab 2017′. Video production: Alex Marshall

3. A new way to practice dance

This video was produce for AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) Awards Sponsor reel in 2016. The aim was to represent the AICP sponsors as ‘various dancing avatars’. This video trapped by the production company RSA. They used 3 techniques which are motion capture, procedural animation and dynamic simulations to create a unique dance practice. The new technologies are more than ever present and give us incredible presents as this performance. Merging for the first time 3 techniques of technology to create a video of dance, there was evident to integrate this video in our top 3!

2016 AICP Sponsor Reel. Director: Rupert Burton, Creative director: Jon Noorlander

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